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A Vision for Digital Transformation Through Realtime VR Collaboration

This recording of webinar is a good opportunity to listen and learn from 37 years of Industry experience of a veteran from engineering Industry. C. M. "Venkat" Venkateswaran, a true industry visionary and former Vice President and Unit Head of Aker Powergas Subsea Pvt. Ltd.

In this recorded Webinar, Venkat lays out the case for enterprise digital transformations through the application of realtime virtual reality collaboration

FREE LIVE WEBINAR- Now is the Time to Accelerate VR Deployment Throughout the Enterprise
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Now is the Time to Accelerate VR Deployment Throughout the Enterprise

Stay tuned for this upcoming recorded webinar where Joe Strelow, VP Engineering and Project Management for AVL, will share insights into the AVL corporate strategy to deploy virtual reality solutions throughout their global operations.

On-Demand Training 

On-Demand Free Virtual Training: Overcoming the Challenges of Remote Design Reviews
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Overcoming the Challenges of Remote Design Services

In this recorded virtual reality Training we discuss and demonstrate  solutions to the challenges of planning and executing remote design reviews.

Making engineering design reviews effective is difficult enough when everyone is in the same room, but, for teams that are remotely located, highly effective design reviews are extremely challenging. 

Accelerating Time to Market with realtime remote VR Collaboration
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Accelerating Time to Market with Realtime Remote VR Collaboration

In this recorded virtual reality Training  we will demonstrate the benefits of realtime VR collaboration in connecting product design with manufacturing, suppliers, and other functions

Informational Videos

Introductory Video
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Meet iQ3Connect- Introductory Video

iQ3Connect is a SaaS virtual reality collaboration platform empowering individuals and teams anywhere in the world to cohesively meet, work, and train together in secure realtime 3D workspaces.

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Realtime VR Collaboration on the Desktop

This video demonstrates  use of iQ3Connect platform for realtime VR Collaboration with 3D data with any standard web browser with a normal specification Desktop and an average internet connection. 

3DScan Retrofit Video
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Accelerate Redesign and Retrofit with 3D Design Overlays

This video demonstrates features of iQ3Connect.com to accelerate the Retrofit and Redesign in brownfield projects. iQ3connect platform enables rapid visualisation of 3D models used in repair and maintenance  of equipments in the field in an interactive and multiuser VR environment.